Small and Medium Enterprises are the main stream of the Indian economy, they have been putting efforts for enhancing the industrial output, exports promotion, generating large employment, creating new entrepreneurs for modern India, shaping industrial eco system to compete with the world markets, providing huge contribution in supply chain and making India a manufacturing hub, achieving the target growth set by the States and the Federal Governments, technological development to improve quality and quantity, revolution in the industrial automation for excellence in the manufacturing sector, utilising digitisation & digitalisation for enhancing their reach, marketing and promotion in the local and global markets and SMEs are emerging into corporates. Today there are over six crore fifty lakhs SMEs in India contributing more than 40% of the GDP of the country, of these many SMEs are registered with the SME Chamber.

In spite of growth story of the SME sector, they often face challenges for managing and show casing their business oriented eco system to attract potential investors, buyers, suppliers and strategic business partners for many reasons. Most of the SME enterprises possess inbuilt skill and scale capability, but they are not projecting realistically as per the requirements of the stakeholders in the perspectives of business gradings, business growth, credibility, credit worthiness, current financial status, skill & capacity of the management board for further growth and expansion, competency and capability of the enterprise, adoption of fair business practices, strategies for business expansion & diversification as well as alliance or collaborations with the foreign entities and other relevant information required to show case the business potentiality of the company to other stakeholders.

About Us

SME Credit Check Private Limited provides services to the various business entities in the form of reports based on the credibility and credit worthiness of the company, business risk assessment, business activities and operations, strategies for business growth & expansion, executive summary of the company, financial status, business management eco-system, financial accounting system, business valuations, business ratings, business plans and prospects for future growth and expansion, revival strategy in the difficult situations, strategies and relations with the suppliers, buyers, vendors and clients, unique strategies & initiatives to attract investors and strategic partners, quality standards of products and services, international business relations, assessment of good governance, business ethics and fair business practices, acquaintance of advanced technology and digital eco-system for branding and marketing, strategies for establishing business co-operation with the national and international business partners, suppliers, manufacturers, buyers, investors and distributors for strategic business alliances.

SME Credit Check Private Limited is a start-up company registered with the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, having Registration No DIPP128017 & functioning jointly with SME Chamber of India and various organisations providing support services to the manufacturing and SME sectors.


  • Efforts for improvement of credibility & credit worthiness of SME sector
  • Evaluate the credit risk of SME sector to attract strategic business partners
  • Empower SMEs for the global competitiveness to compete with the foreign companies
  • Enhance capacities and capabilities for better business performance


  • Provide value addition services to show case potentiality of the SME sector for business growth and expansion.
  • Provide an independent verification, evaluation, and assessment of SMEs to establish credibility and enhance confidence of potential customers, suppliers, and lenders.
  • Enhance the acceptability of the graded SME in the market and gives it access to quicker and cheaper credit, helping reduce the cost of credit. Grading helps in gaining the trust of external stakeholders.
  • Improve eco system for better management practices, statutory compliances, financial discipline, risk diversification and transparent stakeholder relations and management controls.

Our Services

To check credit assessment, worthiness & credibility of the companies

To check viability, feasibility, capability & capacities

To provide valuations, analytic, credit & grading reports

To analyse operating performance and financial strength

To evaluate and review the risk, growth & performance of the enterprises

To check the background / due diligence of the company and the board

To review & evaluate the financial strength, business issues & difficulties of the enterprises

To evaluate enterprises for better planning, growth & expansion

To prepare investment plan / reports for growth, expansion & diversification

To provide analysis and information on the buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, vendors & potential partners

To facilitate & explore international business cooperation and tie ups

To advise on preparing a viable business plan, revival and restructured plan for sustainable growth

To advise on improving credibility and profitability for sustainable business growth

To evaluate the promoters competency, skill and scale for further business growth

Additional Services

Our team

Mr. Chandrakant Salunkhe
Founder & President
SME Chamber of India and
Chairman & Managing Director
SME Credit Check Private Limited
Mr. S. Maheshkumar
Maharashtra Industry Development Association
Ms. Saakshi Kulkarni
SME Export Promotion Council & WEDC


Financial & banking Institutions, Government agencies, corporates, regulatory authorities, multinational companies, private sector undertakings, foreign companies, diplomatic agencies, Investigation agencies, PE Funds, investors, buyers, suppliers, manufactures, service providers, rating agencies, export houses, importers, policy makers & other entities will be benefitted by the services and value addition support from SME Credit Check Private Limited, which will be providing genuine, transparent, useful & valuable information, reports, confidential and investigation feedback of various business enterprises, SMEs and other allied business sectors.


Principal Partner

SME Chamber of India has been promoting SME growth in India for the last 31 years, providing support services to SMEs, Manufacturing and Service Sectors for the business growth, expansion, show casing & marketing their potentiality amongst Indian and foreign companies for supply chain, procurement, joint ventures, technology transfers, contract manufacturing, identifying foreign investors, distribution, franchise and providing various other business opportunities. The Chamber has been on the forefront for policy change and its implementation and advocating for transforming business environment for sustainable business growth and expansion. The Chamber organises various trade promotional activities for the enhancement of knowledge, skill & scale of SMEs, manufacturing industries, start-ups and other enterprises. The Chamber has advocated for change of definition from Small Scale Industries to MSMEs, setting up SME Stock Exchange, Electronic Trade Receivable Platform (TReDS), National Skill Development Corporation, Collateral Free Loans for SME Growth, various schemes and incentives for export promotion, setting up new manufacturing industries and service sectors, revival of struggling SMEs and resolving their issues related to NPAs and taking up issues and grievances with the appropriate Government Departments for resolution.

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